Looking for a league? We have a league for you!

At Holiday Lanes we have many different bowling leagues including traditional bowling leagues, different scoring methods like 9 Pin Tap (9 or more on your 1st Ball counts as a strike) and different premiums - some leagues have cash prizes, some have bowling balls and other have fun licensed merchandise like Nascar, Nickelodeon etc...

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2021 Summer Leagues


The Club Color Pin No Tap | 6:30pm
4 man teams/mixed
May 24 - August 23


Tuesday Trios Color Pin No Tap | 6:30pm
3 man teams
May 25 - August 24


Glow Bowl Color Pin No Tap | 6:30pm
3 man teams
June 2 - August 18


Co-Ed Night Women & Wine, Men & Beer, Couples Date Night | 6:30pm
Ages 21+ Only
4 man teams
Includes choice of select adult beverage
Session 1: May 13 - June 24
Session 2: July 1 - August 19


Senior Color Pin | 9:30am
3 man teams
Win prizes!
May 28 - August 13


Fueding Families Night | 2:30pm
Starts January 9th
Up to 6/team
$80 per team/week
-8 total games of Follow the Leader style
-1 single topping pizza
-1 pitcher of soft drink
Session 1: May 23 - June 27
Session 2: July 11 - August 15

Form Your Own Bowling League!

Company League, Neighborhood League, Or Just A Group Of Friends!

Lots of groups are now forming their own bowling league - why not you? In the past we have provided many different league opportunities to you - but we forgot to ask what you wanted, shame on us! Here’s your chance to do it your way.

You form a league of your own with friends, family, co workers or members of an organization that you’re a member of. You decide the time of day, day of week, number of sessions that you want to bowl. Then tell us how often you want to bowl weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. We’ll just provide the lanes for you.

Finally you will have a league you can enjoy with all the benefits you want including a great social activity and a FUN time with friends. Because this is your league you tell us the rules and how much time you want to spend with us.

Leagues can be formed with as few as 8 bowlers (4 Teams of 2). An extra benefit of bowling in a league with only a couple bowlers on each team sessions can be limited to 90 minutes or less too – no longer do you need to mark the entire night/day off your schedule.

Please contact us at (318) 746-7331 to join a league or get information on starting your own.

We are still PLAYING IT SAFE!

For your safety, If you have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, we recommend you wear a mask inside the bowl at all times.

For your safety, our crew will be masked up.

If you have safety concerns about other patrons without masks, notify our front desk when you arrive. We will do our best to accommodate physical distancing from those without masks.

We recommend that you stay together with your group, not mingle.

Avoid the wait and reserve online. . .click that green button right there!