About Us
At Holiday Lanes, we are committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service.
We want to provide you and your family with an experience of fun entertainment, sport and community.
Please contact one of our staff and we will be glad to assist you.
Managing Member / Proprietor
Melanie Coleman
(318) 464-9222
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General Manager
La'Tasha Taylor
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 207
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Event Sales Specialist
Cheryl Oliva
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 205
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Brandy Butler
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 204
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Food and Beverage Manager
Chris Fort
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 215
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League Director
Rhonda Ward
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 202
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Birthday Boss
Tracey Adger
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 203
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Bowling Devolpment
Jessica Mclin
(318) 746-7331 Ext. 206
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